And the Holy Spirit said, “Fire is the answer”.Only men of fire can escape the hellfire. Is either you burn here on earth or you burn in hell. Sin is traceable to lack of fire. the day you lose your fire, you lose your power to live for Christ and say no to sin.
The purification process is the firing process. The dross of sin is purified by fire.
Luke 3:16 (message bible) But John intervened: I’m baptizing you here in the river. The main character in this drama, to whom I’m a mere stagehand, will ignite the kingdom life, a fire, the Holy Spirit within you, Changing you from the inside out.

The world needed help, God sent his son(the word) and when the son was leaving, He left the Holy Spirit, then the spirit was accompanied by Fire. Fire is the answer.
One who has encountered God encounters Fire. Fire is evitable for a Christian in this end time.
Fire is answers to ignition, and ignition is a product of coalition with Holy ghost.
You can’t be light to the world when you lack the fire on your bone.
One man of fire can cause globe spiritual relevance.
The attempt of the devil is to quench the fire and plan of God is to ignite the fire. Fire is the reason for passion for the soul. When your heart for God, your love burns. Fire is the strength
How much do you burn for God?
God bless you, tomorrow we shall look at how can ignite this fire.


Remember, we have seen the following laws: (1) Honour (2) Value (3) Righteousness (4) Understanding relationship.
I am overwhelmed and ecstasy to bring to you the concluding part of this life-transforming series.

Law number 5: Favour provoking prayer:

Prayer can provoke favour. You can pray your way into the heart of men. Favour is spiritual and can be commanded through heart connected prayers. Prayers are powerful.
Favour is spiritual that is why, desperate politicians during election, in other to win the election can sacrifice human blood to manipulate the heart of men to attract favour, but the name of Jesus supersedes every power.
Esther understood this laws in Esther 4:16, she declared a fast and prayer before she met the king in order to attract Favour.
You can only gain that contract when you contact favour through prayer.
Appear in that interview hall after appealing to heaven for favour and the job is yours.
When you soak yourself in the holy spirit through prayer, men cannot reject you.
Opposite of favour is rejection, hindrance or opposition. Jabez was a victim of this hindrance and he fought it in the place of prayer (1 chronicle 4:10)
Prayer brings the impartation of favour that makes people to favour you whether they know you or not.
Prayer is the ultimate, especially praying in the spirit.

God bless you!!!!
The essence of information is to engage it. Engage these 5 laws and see favour at you door step.


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